We’ve got a lot of Used Nikon film bodies in stock right now — check these out! There’s a few DSLR bodies, too! :) And even two NIKON Z6 bodies! If you are interested in any of these, contact us as soon as you can, as Used inventory changes regularly! 262–782–4303 or jdobbs@mikecrivellos.com

Here’s the manual-focus, film bodies we have currently…

Canon’s 70–200/2.8 has always been well-regarded as one of THE professional lenses a photographer needs, if they’re a Canon user — and we have one in Used right now! And we ALSO have a 1.4x teleconverter that pairs up with it so darn nicely. Now, I have always been hesitant about using teleconverters, not trusting how they’d impact image quality, but after a weekend with this combo, I’d easily recommend it!

A few weeks ago, I got out with the Nikon D7200 and Tamron 150–600mm G2 lens, and explored the ice on Lake Michigan. I was out by Port Washington and there was much beauty to be seen! :)

If you’re still shooting film, and your camera of choice happens to be the Minolta Maxxum system, we’ve got some very affordable lenses in our Used Dept. for you! Check these out — and then come visit the store! And bring some film for processing, too, our lab is here and ready for you — every WEDNESDAY is FILM WEDNESDAY, where you get a special price-break for develop-and-print orders on 35mm color film!

On the wide-angle end, we’ve got a Vivitar Series 1 19–35mm for $50.

For “normal” zooms, we have a number of lenses — 28–105mm, 28–135mm, and a…

Back in January, I got to spend some time with the Canon R6, one of Canon’s latest full-frame, mirrorless cameras. I got to use it with the Tamron 24–70/2.8 G1 lens, and the Canon EF 200mm/2.8 telephoto. I used the Control Ring adapter to mount these EF lenses onto this R-mount body.

We recently got some sloooooow, LOW ISO film in stock, and I had to try it out! The Film Photography Project LOW ISO B+W Film comes to us with a rated ISO of SIX! Yep, you heard me right — ISO 6!

Recently, I was out on Lake Michigan, in Port Washington. I was literally out on the lake, thanks to the development of shoreline-ice. I was photographing what I could see of Milwaukee, 25 miles to the south…I had the Nikon D7200 and Tamron 150–600mm G2 lens, and was thrilled that I could see some of the skyscrapers and large antennas of Milwaukee’s East Side/Downtown.

I was looking towards Milwaukee when I noticed movement on the horizon — it was a flock of ducks, flying right in my direction! It was the neatest thing, and I kept my eye to the…

I recently got to spend some time out on the Ice Age Trail near West Bend, and walking around Port Washington. Both places made for some great photo-ops with the Olympus E-M1iii and 9–18mm ultrawide lens!

For the microfourthirds system, 25mm is what counts as a “normal” focal length (while for full-frame, 50mm is “normal”). So, a 9–18mm lens is WAY wide! :)

I got to try out this classic Nikon EM recently, taking it to Doctors Park in Bayside, and around Port Washington — both in SE-Wisconsin.

…the Nikon AF-P DX 10–20mm/4.5–5.6 G and the Nikon AF-S DX 10–24mm/3.5–4.5 G — these two ultra-wide lenses for crop-sensor DSLRs are very similar in their angles-of-view, but have a few distinct differences that justify their big price difference.

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