Contax/Yashica lenses and Sony A7iii

I recently had a good time using a pair of manual focus lenses on a Sony A7iii: the Yashica ML 50mm/2 and a Contax Vario-Sonnar 40–80mm/3.5. Many years ago, I used Contax gear to shoot weddings with and Contax lenses were alllllllways a joy — smooth focusing, SHARP glass, and great tech inside those bodies — the RX, AX, and S2…mmmm, gives me warm fuzzies just to think about them! The lenses from that system are still floating around…and a few have landed in our Used Department! I went out with a Fotodiox adapter to put these lenses on a modern Sony A7iii and see if they were still as good as I remembered!

I took these two lenses with me to Cedarburg and did a bit of walking around there. If you’re looking for a scenic little burg to photograph, Cedarbug is it!

Then I took the camera along on a hike up in Sheboygan, and walking around Port Washington!

And finally, I went down along the Milwaukee River Greenway, and made some more snaps!

It really was a treat to work with this Yashica/Contax/Sony combo! If you’re interested in this camera, adapter, or these lenses, come by the store soon — I don’t think they are going to stay around for long!

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