Going out with the Pentax Super Program and 50/1.7

A couple weeks ago, I took a PENTAX SUPER PROGRAM, with 50mm/1.7 lens, from our Used Department, and ran a roll of Fuji color neg film through it. It was a fun experience, I tell you. Working at the camera store is pretty neat because we get to experience a lot of cool cameras, especially what is in our Rental Department! So, I’m used to working with current, higher-end DSLRs. Taking an old film camera out for a weekend…well, that was NICE.

The camera can be full manual exposure, or Program, or Aperture/Shutter Priority. I used it in Aperture most of the time — I like controlling my depth of field.

This camera was released in the early 1980s. See more specs here.

One thing I’ve realized, which makes using vintage cameras such a nice experience, is that the viewfinders are so nice. As the cameras are manual focus, and ONLY manual focus, camera makers did their best to make focusing your lens a good and accurate experience. Since modern cameras are all about auto-focus, the viewfinders tend to be…lackluster. At least, as compared to these older cameras.

This camera was easy to work with, and our lab did a good job scanning the negatives for me to share with you here! If you’re looking for an inexpensive, entry-level film SLR, consider the PENTAX SUPER PROGRAM! Come on by the store, and see all the film cameras and lenses we have on hand! :)

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