Modern camera, vintage lenses, clever innovations

I recently had the opportunity to test-drive the Canon EOS RP — their “entry-level” full-frame, mirrorless camera. As there are not a lot of native R lenses yet, I used some older EF lenses from our Used Department — and they were GREAT! The “Mount Adapter EF-EOS R” really works excellently. The AF with the two lenses I had was quicker than I had anticipated and I was very impressed, considering the lenses had been made around 20 years ago!

I was using a 28–105mm lens, and a 100–300mm lens, both standard EF mount. I also had an old Nikon F 35/2 manual focus lens. I was attaching that via a Fotodiox “Nikon G-to-EF R” Throttle adapter. This adapter would be neat if it only did the trick of allowing me to put a 1960s Nikon lens on a modern Canon mirrorless camera, but it does one other neat trick! The “throttle” aspect of the adapter refers to its built-in variable neutral-density filter! That was pretty neat, and allowed me to do some neat slow shutter speed play.

The majority of the time though, I was using one of those 90s-era lenses from our Used Deparment, and they performed flawlessly! Yes, it would be awful neat to have a full family of R-ready lenses on the market, but until then, you can get some very inexpensive EF lenses to use!

Here’s some frames from the 28–105mm lens…

And here’s a bunch more from that EF 100–300mm lens (with some shots in 16:9 and some 3:2 ratio)!

Finally, though that 100–300mm lens is made for subjects further away, it really performed good in its close-up range. Here you can see me making photos, and what it was I got!

So, whether you’re interested in getting a modern mirrorless camera like the EOS RP, or looking for lenses (and cameras) for your film photography interest, our store can help you out!

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