Sept 2021: Pentax Takumar 50mm/4 Macro

I’ve seen this lens come through our Used Dept a few times now, and it has always impressed me. Because it’s a screw-mount lens, it’s an ollllld lens. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t good — it just means you have to adjust the focus and aperture on your own. And in a day of auto-everything, this bit of taking control again is pretty refreshing!

If you’re interested in macro-photography, come in and check out this lens. It does NOT do 1:1, but maxs out at 1:2 — which is good enough for me; I don’t need lifesize reproduction. It is a good, sharp lens, and adapted to a mirrorless camera, is easy to focus with focus peaking and focus magnification!

The lens costs $80, and I believe the adapter is between $15-$20, depending on which adapter you need.

I used this lens on a microfourthirds camera, my Olympus E-M1iii. So, with the smaller sensor of that camera, that made this 50mm lens behave like a 100mm. It was quite fun to take out for a hike!

This lens IS sharp!



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