#SaferAtHome: Sony NEX-5T

Digital technology changes pretty quickly, and with that people’s interest in cameras often becomes about “what’s the latest? What’s the newest?” Because of this, it seems like good cameras can often get left behind as technology moves forward.

For instance, the Sony NEX-5T is a swell 16MP, viewfinder-less, mirror-less camera. It seems a great camera for vloggers, and people dedicated to making imagery for social media. Because it has no viewfinder, it can be a little tricky in direct sunlight, but still I didn’t found it quite usable. It makes for a VERY fun, camera kit. Because it has no mirror box, no viewfinder, it is very compact — and that’s what makes it so useful — you’re more likely to take it wherever you go!

I took the camera and four lenses — two zooms and two primes — all from our Used Dept, out for a “test drive” to show you what the kit is capable of! If you are interested in any of these items, just give the store a call at 262–782–4303, or send us a message through our Facebook page! :)

The gear that made these photos are a Sony NEX-5T and 16–50mm 10–18mm/4, 35/1.8, and a Zeiss 35/2.8.

First, some images from the 16–50mm lens (not pictured above)…

Now, I think I had the most fun with the ultrawide 10–18mm/4 lens — what a wild angle of view that lens delivers! Very dramatic!

Here’s a shot showing what I captured with that 10–18mm, and what it looked “behind the scenes” as I was making the image! :) While the NEX-5T does not have a viewfinder, it’s LCD screen DOES articulte 180-degrees! Makes just about any viewing need real easy, especially low angles!

Now, the two prime lenses…I was very eager to see how they compared — they had the same focal length — 35mm, but one was a Sony E OSS lens with a maximum aperture of 1.8, and the other was a Sony-Zeiss collaboration with a maximum aperture of 2.8. First up…the Sony lens!

And up next, the Sony-Zeiss…

And now, a little head-to-head comparison…hard to decide if one of the 35s is “better” than the other, to be honest. I do think I like the more shallow depth-of-field of the 1.8 lens, but that’s just me. Both definitely are great “normal” lenses on any Sony crop-sensor camera.

All of these items are still available, at the time of writing. If you’re interested, as mentioned before, give the store a call or message us at Facebook! :)



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