Winter photos with the Nikon EM

I got to try out this classic Nikon EM recently, taking it to Doctors Park in Bayside, and around Port Washington — both in SE-Wisconsin.

I mainly used the 50mm/1.8, but also made a few snaps wiht the Tamron Adaptall 28mm/2.5, with Nikon mount. This camera is pretty fun — aperture priority only, so it’s sort of like a point-and-shoot — except you still have to choose your own aperture, focus the lens, and advance the film! :)

While it was challenging to make photos in the cold, the little EM did just fine! Next up are some photos from our store, and some beautiful, delicate ice at the harbor in Port Washington.

Then we went to get a higher-view of things at Port Washington, climbing the stairs to look out over the city!

There’s a lot that you can accomplish with this little Nikon EM, and the 50mm and 28mm lenses! Come by the store and check these out — what a great kit for someone just starting out in film photography! The $120+tax it costs will go a lonnnnng way! Also, these pics were made with Ilford XP2 — the black-and-white film that can be processed in our C-41 lab at the store!

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